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2nd-Hornets White
2nd NAFL
Coach: David Anthony

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Overall Record

Standing Record

Team Schedule
Date Time Game Home/Away Standing Game Park Field - Click for map

08/23/2014 Sat08:30 AM at 2nd-SS Deloach()AwayNoSharonSpringsForsythJV
09/06/2014 Sat09:00 AM2nd-SS Charles()HomeNoRoswellRAP Multisport 1
09/13/2014 Sat09:00 AM2nd-AYFA Raiders(3-6; 3-3)HomeYesRoswellRAP Multisport 1
09/20/2014 Sat12:00 PM at 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs(6-4; 5-1)AwayYesAlphAlphNP1
09/27/2014 Sat11:00 AM at 2nd-AYFA Tigers(1-8; 0-6)AwayYesAlphAlphNP1
10/04/2014 Sat09:00 AM at 2nd-AYFA Raiders(3-6; 3-3)AwayYesAlphAlphNP1
10/11/2014 SatBYE
10/18/2014 Sat09:00 AM2nd-AYFA Bulldogs(6-4; 5-1)HomeYesRoswellRAP Multisport 1
10/25/2014 Sat09:00 AM2nd-AYFA Tigers(1-8; 0-6)HomeYesRoswellRAP Multisport 1
11/08/2014 Sat12:00 PM2nd-AYFA Raiders(3-6; 3-3)HomePlayoffRoswellRAP Multisport 1
11/15/2014 Sat12:45 PM at 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs(6-4; 5-1)AwayPlayoffAlphAlphNP1

Date Results Score Standing Game

08/23/2014Tie2nd-SS Deloach: 6, 2nd-Hornets White: 6No
09/06/2014Loss2nd-SS Charles: 38, 2nd-Hornets White: 12No
09/13/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 18, 2nd-AYFA Raiders: 0Yes
09/20/2014Loss2nd-AYFA Bulldogs: 13, 2nd-Hornets White: 12Yes
09/27/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 31, 2nd-AYFA Tigers: 0Yes
10/04/2014Loss2nd-AYFA Raiders: 6, 2nd-Hornets White: 0Yes
10/18/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 6, 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs: 0Yes
10/25/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 13, 2nd-AYFA Tigers: 6Yes
11/08/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 20, 2nd-AYFA Raiders: 0Playoff
11/15/2014Win2nd-Hornets White: 12, 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs: 6Playoff

Place Team Standing Record Win% PF PA PF-PA Overall Record Win% PF PA PF-PA    

1st2nd-AYFA Bulldogs5-1-083%7724536-4-060%8992-3
2nd2nd-Hornets White4-2-067%8025556-3-165%1307555
3rd2nd-AYFA Raiders3-3-050%2638-123-6-033%2688-62
4th2nd-AYFA Tigers0-6-00%12108-961-8-011%19132-113


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