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Last Update 10/20/2014  

Get Ready for the play-offs. This is the last week before play-offs. For some teams, your seed is locked in and you'll see your play-off game on your team clubhouse. For others, your final seeding depends on how you do this week, so play hard. Everyone makes the play-offs, but where you are seeded can make a lot of difference.

2nd - In the 2nd, the Bulldogs lost this past week, so the top three spots are up in the air. The top three could tie for 1st. Play hard this week, and the results will set the play-offs.

3rd - The Bulldogs won the game with the Nittany Lions in a thriller on Thursday night. That coupled with a win by the Nittany Lions on Saturday locked in the Bulldogs as #1 and Nittany Lions at #2. The other four teams, Hornets Black, Hornets Green, Raiders and Tigers are still fighting it out for the remaining seeds.

4th - The 4th grade, after this past Saturday's results have all locked into their seeds. You'll see your play-off matchup in the clubhouse.

5th6th - In the 5th6th division, AYFA Tigers claimed the #1 seed with a win this past week. The Raiders are locked in a two with tiebreaks over the remaining teams within reach. The games this week will decide the remaining seeds, including who will kick off the play-offs on 10/28.

7th8th - Sharon Springs is locked in as the top seed, and the NAFL Raiders can pull back into a tie for 2nd place this week if they win over the Bennett park Raiders.

Play-off tiebreakers - If two or more teams tie in the standing games standings, NAFL breaks the ties with a hat draw or coin toss. Overall record and points for/against are not considered. Any hat draws will be performed either on Saturday 10/25 or Sunday 10/26

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Ads on NAFL - Each year, the team at DBSTeamSports spends many hours generating the schedules, pays to maintain the servers, including power and internet costs. These costs are partially covered by our generous sponsors. Please consider purchasing an ad here on the NAFL site, to help ensure we can continue to support the NAFL for years to come. For more information - Click here to send email to

Please send scores to, as soon as the games are over and you can get to a computer or mobile email device. When posted scores will appear below so check back to see how your division, friends and other teams are doing.

Upcoming Games -

Click on Field Name for address and map to field, click Teams to open the team clubhouse for that team.
Date Time Field Standing Game Teams
10/2509:00 AMAlphNP2Yes06-Jr Gators(1-5-1; 1-5-1) at 06-Jr Hurricanes(2-4; 2-4)
10/2509:00 AMRAP Multisport 1Yes2nd-AYFA Tigers(1-6; 0-5) at 2nd-Hornets White(3-3-1; 3-2)
10/2509:00 AMAlphNP1Yes3rd-AYFA Tigers(1-6; 1-3) at 3rd-AYFA Nittany Lions(6-1; 3-1)
10/2510:00 AMAlphNP2Yes06-Jr Bulldogs(7-0; 7-0) at 06-Jr Rebels(5-1; 5-1)
10/2511:00 AMAlphNP2Yes2nd-AYFA Raiders(3-4; 3-2) at 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs(4-3; 4-1)
10/2511:00 AMAlphNP1Yes3rd-AYFA Bulldogs(6-1; 4-0) at 3rd-AYFA Raiders(1-6; 1-3)
10/2511:00 AMRAP Multisport 1Yes3rd-Hornets Black(3-4; 2-2) at 3rd-Hornets Green(2-5; 1-3)
10/2511:30 AMBennettParkYes7th8th-NAFL Bulldogs(3-3; 3-3) at 7th8th-Bennett Park Raiders(4-2; 4-2)
10/2501:00 PMAlphNP1Yes5th6th-AYFA Spartans(5-2; 5-2) at 5th6th-AYFA Chargers(5-2; 5-2)
10/2501:00 PMRAP Multisport 1Yes4th-AYFA Tigers(4-3; 3-2) at 4th-Hornets Green(2-5; 1-4)
10/2501:00 PMAlphNP2Yes4th-AYFA Raiders(7-0; 5-0) at 4th-AYFA Gators(3-4; 2-3)
10/2502:30 PMCentral ParkYes7th8th-Sharon Springs Falcons(7-0; 7-0) at 7th8th-Central Bulldogs(2-4; 2-4)
10/2503:00 PMAlphNP1Yes5th6th-Hornets Green(3-4; 3-4) at 5th6th-AYFA Colts(3-4; 3-4)
10/2503:00 PMRAP Multisport 1Yes5th6th-AYFA Rebels(1-6; 1-6) at 5th6th-Hornets Black(1-6; 1-6)
10/2503:00 PMAlphNP2Yes4th-Hornets White(6-1; 4-1) at 4th-AYFA Bulldogs(0-7; 0-5)
10/2505:00 PMAlphNP1Yes5th6th-AYFA Raiders(6-1; 6-1) at 5th6th-AYFA Seminoles(1-6; 1-6)
10/25NoBYE() at 06-Jr Spartans(1-6-1; 1-6-1)
10/25NoBYE() at 5th6th-AYFA Tigers(7-1; 7-1)
10/25NoBYE() at 7th8th-Midway Wolverines(0-7; 0-7)
10/25NoBYE() at 4th-Hornets Black(4-4; 3-3)
10/2806:00 PMAlphNP1Playoff06-Jr Spartans(5 Seed)(1-6-1; 1-6-1) at Hurricanes or Gators(4 Seed)()
10/28PlayoffBlack Hornets, Seminoles or Rebels(9 Seed)() at Black Hornets, Seminoles or Rebels(8 Seed)()

Date Time Field Standing Game Results
10/1808:00 AMAlphNP1Yes06-Jr Gators: 33; 06-Jr Spartans: 31
10/1809:00 AMAlphNP1Yes06-Jr Rebels: 12; 06-Jr Hurricanes: 6
10/1810:00 AMAlphNP1Yes2nd-AYFA Raiders: 13; 2nd-AYFA Tigers: 0
10/1809:00 AMRAP Multisport 1Yes2nd-Hornets White: 6; 2nd-AYFA Bulldogs: 0
10/1812:00 PMAlphNP1Yes3rd-AYFA Nittany Lions: 42; 3rd-AYFA Raiders: 14
10/1802:00 PMAlphNP1Yes3rd-Hornets Black: 28, 3rd-AYFA Tigers: 0
10/1803:00 PMAlphNP2Yes4th-AYFA Raiders: 33; 4th-AYFA Bulldogs: 6
10/1811:00 AMRAP Multisport 1Yes4th-Hornets Black: 26; 4th-Hornets Green: 0
10/1801:00 PMRAP Multisport 1Yes4th-Hornets White: 26; 4th-AYFA Tigers: 14
10/1811:00 AMAlphNP2Yes5th6th-AYFA Chargers: 33, 5th6th-AYFA Seminoles: 6
10/1809:00 AMAlphNP2Yes5th6th-AYFA Spartans: 26; 5th6th-AYFA Rebels: 0
10/1801:00 PMAlphNP2Yes5th6th-AYFA Tigers: 28; 5th6th-AYFA Raiders: 22
10/1803:00 PMRAP Multisport 1Yes5th6th-Hornets Green: 19, 5th6th-Hornets Black: 12
10/1811:30 AMBennettParkYes7th8th-Bennett Park Raiders: 41; 7th8th-Midway Wolverines: 0
10/1804:00 PMAlphNP1Yes7th8th-Sharon Springs Falcons: 2, 7th8th-NAFL Bulldogs: 0



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